Animal Sculptures Greet Us along the Somerville Community Path

None of the animal sculptures in this post are very new to the Somerville Community Path, and I have visited them all before. Mainly I delayed posting about them because I wanted to learn more about each one. So far my usual online research has not led to informative links I’d like to share.

This week though, with playgrounds closed and other outdoor options limited, the bike paths beckon people of all ages. Along the path, intriguing artworks await our attention and give pleasure by their presence. Maybe this post will lead to answers from people who made these animals or know the stories of their creation.

DAYDREAM: The Blue Unicorn Dreamcatcher

For people who live near the Somerville Community Path, please note that you will find these creatures and several more within the half-mile between Cedar Street and Grove Street (near Davis Square, north of Highland Ave).

If you don’t have access to the animals in person, you may want to make up stories about how they came to be or what they might say to us if they could talk.

Lift Up My Trunk

George the Giraffe and Big Poppy

Comments welcome from everyone of any age!


  1. Bernard Gurman · · Reply

          With a sense of humor….


  2. Gold Barbara · · Reply

    Thank you, Deb, for posting these cheering images at this dark time.


  3. Nancy Arons · · Reply

    Love the giraffes especially, thank- you Deb!


  4. Bob Smith · · Reply

    Strange beings from another dimension of time and space have been appearing in the area next to the Somerville Community Garden for over 10 years. I think they are super heroes fighting boredom and apathy in all dimensions of time and space and are visiting this spot because they felt they were needed there.
    I believe it is a (non-jury, self-curated) Free Range Sculpture Garden that is open to all ages to add to.


    1. Thanks very much for your helpful comment with valuable perspective on the beings in Free Range Sculpture Garden.


  5. […] Reference this map of the Somerville Community Path.  Walking from Willow Ave toward Grove Street (near Davis Square), watch for hints of nesting in Christopher Frost’ s “Annex” and note the wide-spread wings of the newly landed Raven in “a Free Range Sculpture Garden.”  […]


  6. This is the creator of the giraffes… Looks like he lives in somerville.. don’t know his real name though..


  7. Robert Smith · · Reply

    Some of the assembled sculptures are made as Community Service Art and the makers would rather people enjoy and wonder about their origins than make it about who made them. Even as art like this is being created the pieces often decide where to go, what to be. I know some of the creators and they want it to be about the art and not the artist.




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