Ink Block Underground Murals by Women Artists: Indie 184, Silvia López Chavez, Imagine876, Thy Doan

IMG_6347 Underground at Ink Block from bridge

View from bridge approaching Ink Block with some art from Underground Mural Project

In honor of International Women’s Day, I will first focus on the four women artists who have created murals for Underground at Ink Block, an urban park that opened in 2017 in Boston’s South End. I have already enthusiastically posted about other murals by Silvia López Chavez and Imagine876 (Sneha Shrestha), but Thy Doan and Indie 184 (Soraya Marquez) are new discoveries for me. Here are those newest two.

Thy Doan created Nevertheless SHE Persisted in 2017 at one end of this structure shared with other artists. Her website includes images of her preparatory sketches and stages of her work on the wall. See more of her range from other visuals on her website and her Instagram.

Indie184 (Soraya Marquez) covered these columns in colorful images, symbols, and text in 2019. Her Instagram posts of these and other projects offer a sense of her bold palette and graphics. Informative biographical paragraphs about her appear with a click on the center of her photo on the Underground Mural Project Listing for 2019. 

IMAGINE (aka Sneha Shrestha) completed this arc of Sanskrit calligraphy in September 2017. To quote from her wondrous website, she “is a Nepali artist who paints mindful mantras in her native language and meshes the aesthetics of Sanskrit scriptures with graffiti influences.”  Distinct from her murals that surround full buildings or tall walls noted in my posts, this one thoughtfully adapts to the low long underground space and restricted light.

Silvia López Chavez developed the art for “Up and Over” in response to the columns, ceilings and other features of the underground space.  As ever, her website documents the process, progress and celebration with great photos and links for Underground Mural Project.

The two summer mural projects ( 2017 and 2019) so far have engaged twenty different artists, including the four women noted above. For 2017, the men were Cey Adams, Andrew Balboa, Don Rimx, Ewok, Hoxxoh, Marka27, Percy Fortini Wright, Problak, Upendo, and Vyal One. For 2019, they were Greg Lamarche, Dana Woulfe, Muro, Geo Go-Five, Marka27, and Matthew Zaremba. I hope to post about several of them and the curators Street Theory after future visits in the months ahead. Also I’d like to share more about what happens in this urban park after I have been there during inviting weather and events.

“Underground at Ink Block is the successful transformation of an 8-acre underpass located between Boston’s South End and South Boston neighborhoods into an active urban park, cultural attraction and parking amenity. Landscaped pedestrian boardwalks and bicycle paths along the Fort Point Channel create new connections between communities previously separated by highway infrastructure. Visitors enjoy amenities such as world-class street art, a dog park, curated retail, fitness, food and beverage experiences as well as a bike storage facility, 24-hour security, 175 commercial parking spots & more. Underground at Ink Block is centrally located steps away from Boston’s Downtown and easily accessible via public transit, just steps away from the Broadway T stop. “ ( quoted from Underground at Ink Block website)

IMG_6353 mural Underground Ink Block



  1. Bernard Gurman · · Reply

    Compared to Boston, New Jersey is a desert.


  2. Rebecca MacWilliams · · Reply

    Thank you for honoring International Women’s Day!! A feast for the eyes, and the next best thing to being there!


  3. Joshua Winer · · Reply

    Deborah, thanks for covering these new beautiful murals. I wouldn’t have known about them otherwise. I will try to make a trip over there soon to see the whole group of murals. They look like exciting work by the city’s newest generation of muralists and street artists. Dana Woulfe is a friend of mine, and I love the energy of his large outdoor wall work. Joshua Winer


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