Respond to the Spirit of Art Ramble around Fairyland Pond in Concord

My goal now is to get the word out about a wonderful way to get away, though this temporary exhibit in Concord’s Hapgood Wright Town Forest won’t let you get away from the issues of climate change. I went once last week and hope to return as often as possible before the last day, November 8. I should post again with more photos and reflections on water, but here are quotes and links to lead you into the forest, around the pond, with art and poetry.

“The Art Ramble is an outdoor public art installation in the Hapgood Wright Town Forest in collaboration with the Concord Natural Resources Division. Work in this exhibition responds to this year’s theme of water in the context of climate change.”(quote from The Umbrella, Arts and Environment, Art Ramble 2020)

Joanne DeSimone Reynolds wrote a poem for each of the sixteen installations to read while viewing. Read them also in a composite pdf that presents each poem with a deftly focused photo of the corresponding artwork.

“On display from September 1-November 8 in the Hapgood Wright Town Forest, the 5th annual Art Ramble Exhibition explores the social justice issues of climate change and water. Water Change: Where Spirit, Nature, and Civilization Meet is presented by The Umbrella Arts & Environment Program and curated by Susan Israel,* who asked artists to explore three themes in connecting their work to place and climate: Spirit… Nature… Built Form..” ( quote excerpt from Living Concord, event October 2020 )

The Umbrella site includes a map, images of the installations, bios and artist statements by the fifteen participating artist: Anne AlexanderPaul AngiolilloLaurie Bogdan & Kimberley HardingJoanne DeSimone ReynoldsSally FineBarbara FletcherJen FuchelLiz HelferLinda HoffmanSusan IsraelJanet KawadaSarah KingMadeleine LordRebecca TuckBill Turville

*“I founded Climate Creatives to use art and design to engage people because data alone doesn’t do it: behavioral change begins with an emotional commitment.” (quote excerpt from statement by Art Ramble 2020 curator Susan Israel on Climate Creatives website)


  1. Bernard Gurman · · Reply

    re: “Swan Lake”, I love how the different shot angles give such a different feel. i love that piece.


  2. Linda Coyne · · Reply

    Thank you 😊. Great suggestion for a little hike with captivating art!


  3. Thanks so much for covering the Art Ramble, and with such a lovely presentation of it. It is really fun to come upon the artwork in the woods, and they totally transform the landscape. Art is truly a place-maker, and its transformative power is evident in these outdoor shows.


  4. Thanks for featuring the Art Ramble 2020 outdoor show in Concord that I participated in. Just a note: the image of one of the “rain drops” (it’s shown next to the image of a “fire drop”) is actually one that became unattached and was resting temporarily on the ground. It’s back up, hanging from a branch, like the other 15 drops.


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