Colorful Characters Brighten Brine Tanks: Mural by Monique Aimee in Cambridge

Selected and funded by Percent-for-Art program in Cambridge, Monique Aimee proposed, planned, and painted her mural on all sides of the four tall brine tanks along the lot for Saint Peter’s Field.* She began near the end of June and finished near the end of August. My photos here come from a few visits there throughout the summer. The links should take you to videos and exciting photos of the work in progress on Monique Aimee’s Instagram site: The quotes here should give background that lets you visit in person* or online. *Sherman St. near Cadbury Rd., just below Danehy Park

“This mural celebrates the joys of going to your local park with scenes such as bike riding, dog walking, and gardening. The purpose of these brine tanks is to have a better environmental impact, so I wanted to make sure the theme of nature and growth is present from any angle. This mural also highlights a bit of the history of the clay pits and brickyards in the 1800’s that would eventually become Danehy Park.” (quote from Monique Aimee in Cambridge Public Art notice, June 2020)

“Monique Aimee is an illustrator and lettering artist traveling between Boston, New York, and wherever she throws her dart next. She teaches at her alma mater, Lesley University, and is represented by Closer&Closer.”( quote from contact page of artist’s website)

“The four 12-foot-tall brine tanks were installed for a pilot program that treats icy road surfaces with a brine solution of salt and water that reduces ice buildup on roads but uses a quarter of the salt that is normally deployed in reducing icy street surfaces.” ( description from Cambridge Public Art notice, June 2020)

New Cambridge Public Art

Monique Aimee website

Monique Aimee’s Instagram


  1. Great post–thanks Deb! These murals are beautiful. _______________ Peggy Kornegger Spiritflower:


  2. Bernard Gurman · · Reply

    A good use of art. Taking something nominally ugly and beautifying the scene.


  3. Many years ago, the Boston or Mass gas co. had larrge tanks on the expressway going south from Boston, on which they had painted, a large logo like painting, which gave a pleasant appearance. NJ did some of that later.


    1. Yes, thanks for raising this connection! I have long hoped to post more about Corita Kent’s art on the huge storage tank. Here is the Wikepedia link
      ( ) plus excerpt:
      The Rainbow Swash is the common name for an untitled[1] work by Corita Kent in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts. The rainbow design painted on a 140-foot (43 m) tall LNG storage tank is the largest copyrighted work of art in the world.[2] Highly visible from daily commuters’ drives on Interstate 93, the landmark is considered one of the major landmarks of Boston, akin to the Citgo sign.[3][4]


  4. Sharon McBride · · Reply

    Good to know about these! Love the colors on the brine tanks and the transformation of a boring eyesore into an expressive, pleasing piece of art –especially in a park that was all about transformation!


    1. Yes, thank you, Sharon! I would like to post someday about Danehy Park, noting that it was transformed from a huge city dump.


  5. Gold Barbara · · Reply

    Beautiful post for the New Year., Deb. I love knowing about the installations, history and lore. I’m so happy you do this work since it suits you so well.

    I hope all is well!


  6. […] labels were still missing in my September post about Monique Aimee’s mural for the four brine tanks at St. Peter’s Field in Cambridge. These January photos show the […]


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