Revisit 2022 ART RAMBLE, “IN THE BALANCE,” through November 19!

Explore Installations by Wanda Strukus, Bill Cohn, Belén Millán

Art Ramble is an annual, temporary exhibition in the Hapgood Wright Town Forest in Concord, MA, a collaboration of The Umbrella Art Center and Concord’s Division of Natural Resources (CDNR). Following Leave No Trace principles, regional artists create site-specific artworks promoting appreciation of nature, installed along Fairyland Pond and parts of the historic Emerson-Thoreau Amble connecting Concord Center to Walden Pond.” ( quote from Art Ramble, Umbrella Arts)

Belen Millan: DISRUPCION IIl (2022)

The first post about 2022 Art Ramble gives a brief overview, plus photos and notes about work by five of the eleven artists. This second post follows with focus on three other artists. A third post, coming soon, should include installations by three more. Each artist’s website should take you to additional views of their installations and more comprehensive information about their creative work. Whether or not I post beyond those, Art Ramble 2022 is sure to yield new discoveries as autumn advances.

Belen Millan: DISRUPCION II (2022)

“In the Balance” 2022 Art Ramble features eleven artists through seventeen artworks: Paul Angiolillo: Family #1 and Family #2 (2016-2022) David Ardito: White Timber II (2018), Metal String Bump (2022), BARD Ancient Treasures (2022), Laurie Bogdan: Symbiotic (2022). Bill Cohn: Stasism (2014), Carolyn Enz Hack: Orchard Guardian (2021), Robert Greene: Veins Arteries Earth  (2019-20), Mixer (reworked in 2022 from earlier work), Have a Seat (2016), Belen Millan: DISRUPCION I & II (2022), DISRUPCION III  (2022), Wanda Strukus: This is a Test of the Emergency Broadcast System (2022), Jose Trejo-Maya: Transparencies in Time; Cuahpohualli embedded in enthnopoetic language poetry (2020-2022), Rebecca McGee Tuck: Trapped at Sea (2020) Stephanie Marlin-Curiel   Visual Arts Manager, The Umbrella Arts Center. Curator of 2022 ART RAMBLE. Green highlights above note installations included in quotes (from Art Ramble, Umbrella Arts) and photos below:

Stasism” is a cairn, a rock stack (in this case using ceramic “rocks”) which, like those one might encounter on a mountaintop or remote trail, can be a godsend; they reorient and reassure by communicating that “others have passed this way”. The impermanence of a balanced stack of rocks is a metaphor for our own lives. We stack our life experiences with the hope that we’re growing to be steady, strong and upright. But with the climate itself changing we’re forced to question whether we, and our surroundings, can maintain our balance.”( quotes from Bill Cohn for Stasism (2014))

DISRUPCION refers to the actual rupture of the balance between life and death brought about by the intrusion of plastics. Nature is no longer the same after the introduction of plastics to our modern life.” (quotes from Belen Millan for DISRUPCION I & II)

DISRUPCION I and II address the intrusion of plastics and microplastics in Nature. Dead trunks at different stages of decay have been fused with plastics creating a new Hybrid Nature were the natural and unnatural are merged.“(quotes from Belen Millan for DISRUPCION I & II )

This Is A Test Of The Emergency Broadcast System is a soundscape that incorporates field recordings from the Fairyland Pond site, music, found sounds, and human voice to create an imagined dialogue between the earth and human beings in crisis. Natural sounds are layered, modified, and combined with music and snatches of spoken text to build a sense of layered worlds – nature speaking in the foreground, the human world encroaching in the background, with periods of friction, exchange, synchronicity, disruption, and agreement. “(quote from Wanda Strukus for This is a Test of the Emergency Broadcast System (2022)) This Is A Test of The Emergency Broadcast System, Soundscape:

This site-specific installation focuses on the intrusion of microplastics in our own blood stream. Recent studies estimate that each person ingests, on average, about five grams of plastic per week that are found in our water, air and food. That amount is equivalent to a credit card.” (quote from Belen Millan for DISRUPCION III)


Belén Millán Abstractions /

Bill Cohn Art

Wanda Strukus

The Comprehensive Key Resource is 2022 Art Ramble Umbrella Arts. which lists all artist statements, bios, and artist websites, plus the curator overview* and a map of all installations for Art Ramble. *Curator’s talk Sunday, October 16th at 11 a.m. (Rain date Sunday, Oct 23)

Belen Millan: DISRUPCION III (2022)

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