Visit 2022 ART RAMBLE “In the Balance” for Connections and Perspective

Hapgood Wright Town Forest in Concord, MA, September 1 – November 19, curated by Stephanie Marlin-Curiel, Visual Arts Manager, The Umbrella Arts Center

“In the Balance” is an outdoor exhibition of dynamic artworks that express a striving to regain balance with their surroundings, and to bridge the growing chasm between the loss of habitat and life’s persistence. The acceleration of climate change has reached the point of overpowering and upsetting the carefully balanced ecosystems of our surviving forests. The ground beneath our feet is literally slipping away. This artwork responds accordingly. Sound pieces, installation, sculpture, and poetry suggest recombinations, contortions, and orientations toward a new hybrid, symbiotic and sympathetic relationship with nature.” (quote from Curator’s Statement for ART RAMBLE 2022)

My first visit to Art Ramble 2022 was the rewarding Walkabout and Artist Reception on Saturday, September 17. Engaged, enlightened and excited by presentations from several artists and curator Stephanie Marlin-Curiel, I wanted to share their stories as soon as possible. Yet I was short on time to take, process, select and organize photos that justly represent the art. This post mostly gives the overview, with quotes, notes, and links that should entice you to visit soon or otherwise explore online. Meanwhile, I’ll plan to focus on additional artworks in October.

Eleven Artists, Seventeen Artworks: Paul Angiolillo: Family #1 and Family #2 (2016-2022), David Ardito*:White Timber II (2018), Metal String Bump (2022), BARD* Ancient Treasures (2022), Laurie Bogdan*: Symbiotic (2022). Bill Cohn: Stasism (2014), Carolyn Enz Hack: Orchard Guardian (2021), Robert Greene*: Veins Arteries Earth  (2019-20), Mixer (reworked in 2022 from earlier work), Have a Seat (2016), Belen Millan: DISRUPCION I & II (2022), DISRUPCION III  (2022), Wanda Strukus: This is a Test of the Emergency Broadcast System (2022), Jose Trejo-Maya: Transparencies in Time; Cuahpohualli embedded in enthnopoetic language poetry (2020-2022), Rebecca McGee Tuck*: Trapped at Sea (2020) Stephanie Marlin-Curiel Visual Arts Manager, The Umbrella Arts Center, Curator of 2022 ART RAMBLE

Below are a few more views of art by five of the artists*, with brief excerpts from their artist statements: *David Ardito, BARD, Laurie Bogdan, Robert Greene, Rebecca McGee Tuck

This piece reflects the precarious situation we find ourselves in when standing by as a witness simply isn’t enough. Choosing not to act, and its result. We are all part of this river of life and all have a part to play.” (from Robert Greene’s statement about Have a Seat )

Just as real cement mixers are extremely messy, often spilling cement everywhere, this mixer is portraying the same carelessness that occurs when using one of these machines. However, just as in real life, eventually over time nature finds its way through the cracks or even grows over the cement thereby adopting it into a natural habitat.“(from Robert Greene’s statement about Mixer)

“Ancient Treasures” questions the narrative told about valuing new planting over preservation, the invisibility of ancient trees, the current imbalance in policy and protection, and the hidden worlds we can still discover in the inner workings of a forest.“(from BARD’s statement about Ancient Treasures)

“Millions of tons of plastics are found in the ocean.  Unknown quantities of plastic  bottles are “Dead in the Water” and break down into tiny toxic micro plastic particles, attracting birds and sea creatures who consume them.”(from Rebecca McGee Tuck‘s statement about Trapped at Sea)

“The viewer might also feel a reference to music, particularly string instruments and musicians, and with that a suggestion of movement and rhythm within the piece. I envision this piece coexisting for a while within a peaceful, natural, woodland setting for viewers to confront quietly, and to connect to in their own personal way.”(from David Ardito’s statement about Metal String Bump )

“While the found wooden timbers have been previously milled and processed, the nearby trees that I view as part of the installation remind the viewer of the dependence this piece (and humans in general) has on these beautiful vertical and living resources without which this piece could not exist.” ( from David Ardito’s statement about White Timber II)

Our red arteries and blue veins pulse simultaneously with the life that surrounds us. We are delicate creatures. Our very fabric of life depends on the natural order and the natural world.” ( from Robert Greene’s statement about Veins Arteries Earth )

“This installation is a representation of chanterelle and chicken of the woods, which are a polypore fungi. Polypores are a group of fungi that form large fruiting bodies with pores or tubes on the underside. They are found on wood, and their job is to break down the lignins in the wood. Fungi are great recyclers.” ( from Laurie Bogdan’s statement about Symbiotic )

The Comprehensive Key Resource is Art Ramble 2022 Umbrella Arts. which lists all artist statements, bios, and artist websites, plus the curator overview* and a map of all installations for Art Ramble. *Curator’s talk Sunday, October 16th at 11 a.m.


  1. Marjory Wunsch · · Reply

    Thanks, Deb. I expecially liked symbiotic, but some of them made me think I’d prefer just looking at a tree! MW

  2. […] first post about 2022 Art Rambe gives a brief overview, plus photos and notes about work by five of the eleven artists. […]

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