Visit 2021 ART RAMBLE: “SOMETHING IN THE AIR” for Vital Stories and Vibrant Views

Curated by Laurie Bogdan and Kimberley HardingHapgood Wright Town Forest in Concord, MA, September 1 – November 14

2021 Art Ramble: “Something in the Air” includes “works that illustrate human, animal and botanical interactions with air, and encourage exploration of the atmospheric aspects of the Hapgood Wright Town Forest.” (quote from The UMBRELLA Arts & Environment: Art Ramble)

art along path around Fairyland Pond

The Umbrella site 2021 Art Ramble: “Something in the Air” lists the sixteen artists’ bios, websites, and statements about their artwork, as well as audio versions to access as you move along.

In September, after my first visit, I posted an overview with focus on four artworks and a plan to return for additional explorations. Now, selecting from photos in my second visit, early October, I focus in this sequel post on artworks about animals with wings. Listed above my photos of each installation are the artists’ names, materials used and a brief quote from the artists’ statements about the art.

Jennifer Fuchel – Up in the Air (8) Mixed Media “I hope my art piece suggests stages of an insect’s life cycle from birth, development, to death, and makes people realize how important it is to protect them from decline for the health of our world.”

 Laurie Bogdan and Kimberley Harding – Ethereal Dreamer (7) Fused plastic, hand-dyed round reed, wire, thread “Living most of her life below the surface of the water, the dragonfly transitions into a being of the air at adulthood. With her agile flight and iridescent wings, she appears to be a miniscule dragon inhabiting the realms of the fairies, such as Fairyland Pond in the Hapgood-Wright Town Forest.”

 Jude Griffin – The Luna Moth Life Cycle (5) Metal, wire, paint, leaves, twigs, beads, silk thread, papier-mâché “Luna Moth Life Cycle” takes the viewer through the life of one of our most beautiful and spectacular native moths: from egg to caterpillar to cocoon to butterfly.”

Lisa R. Nelson – Waves of the Aerial Sea (6) Wood panel, watercolor and acrylic paint  “To understand the map of a thing is to understand that thing. This is true for buildings, parks, homes, people, animals, trees, anything and everything exists somewhere on a map. My work explores this through the creation of each map while also considering what makes each uniquely beautiful.”

2021 Art Ramble Artists and Art: Paul Angiolillo – Breathing (9) Laurie Bogdan and Kimberley Harding – Ethereal Dreamer (7) |  BARD (Barbara Ayala Rugg Diehl) – In and Out (2) |  Johanna Finnegan-Topitzer – Air Currents (3) |  Jennifer Fuchel – Up in the Air (8) |  Jude Griffin – The Luna Moth Life Cycle (5) |  Liz Helfer – Foggy Morning (15) Martha Heller – The Shutter Dresses (4) Janet Kawada – Collected Breath (13)| Silvina Mizrahi – Every breath you take (12)  Nilou Moochhala – The In-Between Series (10) |  Lisa R. Nelson – Waves of the Aerial Sea (6) |  Melissa Shaak – Forest Air (11) |  Rebecca McGee Tuck – Airing out the House (14) | Kiyomi Yatsuhashi – Windblown (1) | ( bold text for art shown in this post)  

I look forward to revisiting the town forest in the next few weeks and posting with attention to different artworks each time.

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