Breathe in Energy of 2021 Art Ramble: “Something in the Air”

Curated by Laurie Bogdan and Kimberley Harding; Hapgood Wright Town Forest in Concord, MA, September 1 – November 14

2021 Art Ramble: “Something in the Air” includes “works that illustrate human, animal and botanical interactions with air, and encourage exploration of the atmospheric aspects of the Hapgood Wright Town Forest.” (quote from The UMBRELLA Arts & Environment: Art Ramble)

My first visit this year, on a sunny September morning, should be one of many in the next two months, so I won’t try to cram in whatever can wait for future posts. That suits the spirit I sensed along the pathways of this year’s Art Ramble, allowing time and space between, and within each installation to appreciate what the air is offering. So here are just a few photos (with excerpts from artist statements) from four of the fifteen installations as samples of what you might see if you can go or explore online if you live elsewhere. The Umbrella site 2021 Art Ramble: “Something in the Air” lists the sixteen artists’ bios, websites, and statements about their artwork, as well as audio versions to access as you move along.

Johanna Finnegan-Topitzer – Air Currents (3) “Birds depend on air currents to help them migrate long distances. The currents let them understand the direction of travel and when to leave as the seasons change. …..”
Copper, enamel, wire

Paul Angiolillo – Breathing (9) “Breathing is made up of two tall, animal-like figures, salvaged from parts of trees that I flipped upside-down, creating long necks and upturned heads sniffing the air. They’re semi-abstract interpretations of forest denizens who’re catching a scent or enjoying the breeze. ….”
Wood, paint

Nilou Moochhala – The In-Between Series (10) “These pieces rest in the spaces ‘in-between’ – between the unconscious and conscious, the liminal and formed, the past and future. What does it mean to belong to a place, to breathe fully, to immerse oneself in our environment, to have a place in the world around us? …..The interwoven poetry was written by collaborator/writer Francesco Fiondella.”
Image fabric panels, poetry

Janet Kawada – Collected Breath (13) “Collected Breath represents a group that stands together in solidarity.  Made of screening, the structure demonstrates solidity through 320 pieces of screened boxes which individually would be fragile.  There is a quietness about the group as it remains stationary.  Through the wash of the color and the moray patterning of the screen itself, the viewer is invited to pause and reflect. ……..”
Window screening, monofilament, steel rods, paint

2021 Art Ramble Artists and Art: Paul Angiolillo – Breathing (9) Laurie Bogdan and Kimberley Harding – Ethereal Dreamer (7) |  BARD (Barbara Ayala Rugg Diehl) – In and Out (2) |  Johanna Finnegan-Topitzer – Air Currents (3) |  Jennifer Fuchel – Up in the Air (8) |  Jude Griffin – The Luna Moth Life Cycle (5) |  Liz Helfer – Foggy Morning (15) Martha Heller – The Shutter Dresses (4) Janet Kawada – Collected Breath (13)| Silvina Mizrahi – Every breath you take (12)  Nilou Moochhala – The In-Between Series (10) |  Lisa R. Nelson – Waves of the Aerial Sea (6) |  Melissa Shaak – Forest Air (11) |  Rebecca McGee Tuck – Airing out the House (14) | Kiyomi Yatsuhashi – Windblown (1) | ( bold text for art shown in this post)  


  1. Sharon McBride · · Reply

    Thanks Deb, for reminding me about this annual outdoor art exhibit — looking forward to rambling!

  2. Beautiful. Thank you

  3. Linda Coyne · · Reply

    Thanks for doing this, Deb. Great suggestion!

  4. Thanks for the informative piece! I am heading to Concord tomorrow to check it out.

  5. Louise Brown · · Reply

    Thank you, Deb, Looks like a delightful exhibit and we can be outdoors!

  6. […] September, after my first visit, I posted an overview with focus on four artworks and a plan to return for additional explorations. Now, selecting from photos in my second visit, […]

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